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About Deviant Tee Jott Artist CologneMale/Germany Group :iconhot-males-fashion: Hot-Males-fashion
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Hagen-R-by-TeeJott-2016-04-H-0096adb by TeeJott Hagen-R-by-TeeJott-2016-04-H-0096adb :iconteejott:TeeJott 55 2 Hagen-R-by-TeeJott-2016-04-H-0034adb by TeeJott Hagen-R-by-TeeJott-2016-04-H-0034adb :iconteejott:TeeJott 121 5 Patryk-S-by-TeeJott-2016-Q2-C-0245adb by TeeJott Patryk-S-by-TeeJott-2016-Q2-C-0245adb :iconteejott:TeeJott 51 3 Tobias-F-by-TeeJott-2016-06-A-0305adb by TeeJott Tobias-F-by-TeeJott-2016-06-A-0305adb :iconteejott:TeeJott 28 6 TeeJott-FITNESS-MODEL-Toni-Stintzing-by-TeeJott-20 by TeeJott TeeJott-FITNESS-MODEL-Toni-Stintzing-by-TeeJott-20 :iconteejott:TeeJott 59 2 Fitness-Model-Toni-Stintzing-by-TeeJott-2016-Q2-A- by TeeJott Fitness-Model-Toni-Stintzing-by-TeeJott-2016-Q2-A- :iconteejott:TeeJott 31 1 Fitness-Model-Toni-Stintzing-by-TeeJott-2016-Q2-A- by TeeJott Fitness-Model-Toni-Stintzing-by-TeeJott-2016-Q2-A- :iconteejott:TeeJott 122 1 Fitness-Model-Toni-Stintzing-by-TeeJott-2016-Q2-A- by TeeJott Fitness-Model-Toni-Stintzing-by-TeeJott-2016-Q2-A- :iconteejott:TeeJott 112 1 Fabian-A-by-TeeJott-2016-Q2-FA-A-0033adb by TeeJott Fabian-A-by-TeeJott-2016-Q2-FA-A-0033adb :iconteejott:TeeJott 67 4 Fabain-A-by-TeeJott-2016-05-B-0036adb by TeeJott Fabain-A-by-TeeJott-2016-05-B-0036adb :iconteejott:TeeJott 38 2 Fabian-A-by-TeeJott-2016-Q2-FA-A-0040adb by TeeJott Fabian-A-by-TeeJott-2016-Q2-FA-A-0040adb :iconteejott:TeeJott 111 4 Fabian-A-by-TeeJott-2016-01-A-009783near by TeeJott Fabian-A-by-TeeJott-2016-01-A-009783near :iconteejott:TeeJott 54 0 Fabian-A-by-TeeJott-2016-01-A-009526 by TeeJott Fabian-A-by-TeeJott-2016-01-A-009526 :iconteejott:TeeJott 208 6 TeeJott YOUTUBE Fabian A Feb 2016 2 pic-001 by TeeJott TeeJott YOUTUBE Fabian A Feb 2016 2 pic-001 :iconteejott:TeeJott 14 2 Hagen R by TeeJott 2014 11 A 272adb by TeeJott Hagen R by TeeJott 2014 11 A 272adb :iconteejott:TeeJott 87 5 TeeJott-Model-Hagen-R-2014-10-12-A 550adb by TeeJott TeeJott-Model-Hagen-R-2014-10-12-A 550adb :iconteejott:TeeJott 46 7


Touch His Torso by builtbytallsteve Touch His Torso :iconbuiltbytallsteve:builtbytallsteve 115 5 Baby Face- Beefy Body by builtbytallsteve Baby Face- Beefy Body :iconbuiltbytallsteve:builtbytallsteve 122 6 Attila Is Tops by builtbytallsteve Attila Is Tops :iconbuiltbytallsteve:builtbytallsteve 99 1 Just Jeff by builtbytallsteve Just Jeff :iconbuiltbytallsteve:builtbytallsteve 105 7 Alex T by DanOstergren Alex T :icondanostergren:DanOstergren 162 9 Vallee Etroite by RobertoBertero Vallee Etroite :iconrobertobertero:RobertoBertero 656 19 Arrival by Nele-Diel Arrival :iconnele-diel:Nele-Diel 686 36 Will by DanOstergren Will :icondanostergren:DanOstergren 32 0 Will by DanOstergren Will :icondanostergren:DanOstergren 42 0 Will by DanOstergren Will :icondanostergren:DanOstergren 190 7 Will by DanOstergren Will :icondanostergren:DanOstergren 120 9 Gold Clouds by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Gold Clouds by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 395 16 Come Undone by yuumei Come Undone :iconyuumei:yuumei 13,868 320 Season Of Thought by vishstudio Season Of Thought :iconvishstudio:vishstudio 141 2 Gym Jock by builtbytallsteve Gym Jock :iconbuiltbytallsteve:builtbytallsteve 78 2 Nice Tights by builtbytallsteve Nice Tights :iconbuiltbytallsteve:builtbytallsteve 100 2



Tee Jott Artist Cologne


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84orange Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016
Absolutely stunning photos and models, great stuff to watch :)
GreysonFurrington Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TeeJott, Are you guys safe over there? so much violence in Germany. It's horrific. I hope you and all your models are well.

TeeJott Featured By Owner Edited Aug 17, 2016
Thanks for your words. We are all fine. We all at TeeJott-Models tend to be on the carful side and so we are preparing and calculation risks as good as possible in advance. With best regards, TeeJott
anthonydraco Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your works are featured on Vanity Teen magazine, right? Stunning works.
TeeJott Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
Oh hi Anthonydraco, not that I would be aware of, but maybe I do not have it on my radar - I am getting an old man ;-)   I am indeed wondering why they haven't been getting proactively in touch with me yet :-) how cuter shall the models get :-D :-D  (well I guess I have just to continue my work and one day they might get in touch with me, but WHO KNOWS the world is sometimes strange!!) in case you have a link or info where they have featured my fotos: let me know!!! Greetz from Cologne, Germany TeeJott
chinseiju Featured By Owner Edited Jan 7, 2016  Professional General Artist
Love your gallery.

HAgen is such a beautiful model.
TeeJott Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2016
Thank you very much! I hope that you will follo9w my work and I also hope, that you will give or have already given a LIKE to my facebook-Page:…;

if you like my work, share it with others, let others know about.

Oh, and by the way: do not miss to take a look at the "BOOKDEPOSITORY" Website for my newest Calendar...
letmenow2 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016  Hobbyist
Love these pictures :D
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